Why Us

Real People

We believe the main ingredient in any successful print job is a knowledgeable staff to support you. From the moment you contact us, and are greeted by our friendly receptionist you can take confidence in knowing you will be dealing with real people - no general voicemail box or email address where you leave a message and then wait days to hear back from someone.

In the pursuit to lower prices many online printers have removed the "real people" element and fully automated their workflow. You go online to get your quote, place your order and upload your files and then wait to receive the product. While this is efficient it is difficult to communicate your needs and expectations and lacks the personal attention you deserve. We offer personalized service while keeping our prices low because we believe print is personal and custom - it is not a commodity!

Unlike other online printers we value communication and interaction with our clients. As a client you will be assigned and work directly with a sales representative who is dedicated to your account. From quoting to ordering to shipping your sales representative will assist you with all your printing needs.

We understand you might like the ability to quote, order and upload files directly online and we offer that service. If automated ordering is your preference, you can relax in knowing your sales representative will still be involved in ensuring your piece properly produces and if you do have a problem they are here to assist you.

Along with your personal sales representative you also receive hands-on attention from our highly skilled graphics & pre-press departments. Your files will be inspected by one of our talented graphics team members to ensure they are properly setup for print production and to catch any errors prior to printing. The hands-on support doesn't stop once your files have entered into production; our pressmen and production managers inspect every order to ensure they are printed to perfection.

Custom Solutions

Are you feeling boxed in when dealing with online printers? Have you experienced the frustration when trying to order something which doesn't fit into a standard product offering? Even when it wasn't frustrating did you pay extra to simply have it done your way? Don't worry, you are not alone.

We are unlike other online printers -- not only do we step outside the box, we step on it! We will never limit you to the types of files you submit, size of the piece, bindery options, timing or the quantities. We understand most of our clients are supplying us print ready files. Having to change them at the last minute not only costs you time it can quickly increase the cost of printing over you allotted budget. You have enough to do deal with other than having to rework your project to fit into a specific mold.

Needing to print business cards, postcards, brochures or any other product but don't have a design or need an existing design reworked? Not a problem! Our talented (and award winning) graphics team can assist you with creating a dynamic design tailor-made to your specific brand.

In today's economy staying within an allotted budget is not only important, it's absolutely critical! If we ever provide a quote and it is over budget or you receive a quote for a similar product at a lower price, we will go the extra mile and do everything possible to get the price where you need it. The best part of working with a real person is we can discuss option which could make printing your job more efficient and in return save you money.

Our site is simply a preview of the many products and services we offer. If there is something you require and you don't find it on our site; your sales representative will work with you and our team to create a solution which meets your needs. Our philosophy can be summed up in one word... YES!

Superior Results

Simply put... Not all printing is created equal!

We run 300 line screen waterless on all full color offset jobs; which is the highest quality in the printing industry. Running 300 line screen waterless allows for the highest color clarity and saturation because the dots are invisible to the naked eye. Think of it as watching your favorite movie on a standard TV versus watching that same movie on a high-definition TV.

Our pre-press department and presses are calibrated to each other based on GRACOL 6 standards; thus ensuring every job is accurate and consistent. We constantly monitor these calibrations to ensure when you reorder a job it will look the same a year from now as it does today.

To guarantee consistency, we closely monitor and balance color though cutting-edge scanning technologies. We carefully train each of our highly skilled pressmen to understand the requirements involved in producing a high quality printed product.

Your sales representative and our production managers will personally inspect each job several times through its life-cycle as it passes through our shop. They will never sign off on a job until it meets our high quality standards.

Best of all our work is guaranteed. If for any reason you aren't completely satisfied with the quality, simply return it and we will reprint at no charge or refund your money.

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