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We Help you in Building Brands through Print & Packaging.

We quickly expanded into commercial printing, offering customers design and production services for Multi Packaging. As we grew and developed strong relationships with businesses, we saw big changes on the horizon for our customers. The process of getting a product to market was becoming more complex. At the same time, opportunities for achieving greater efficiencies with big vendors started to emerge.

We recognized our clients needed more than just a printing partner. They needed help improving the process and profitability of getting their products to market. We stepped up to fill that role.

While other companies struggled to work, we spent years cultivating relationships with companies that share our values and enforce the same standards of quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction we have built our reputation on.

Today, Global Printing and Packaging is a true global printing solution provider, delivering top quality packaging and logistics to businesses of all sizes without the associated high costs. Our innovative approach, coupled with unbeatable resources in-house and overseas, help our clients with all aspects with product packaging – from concept and design, to engineering and testing, to strategic sourcing and freight forwarding.

Our mission is to help you create something amazing, a product that grabs the attention of your customers from the shelf. When you partner with Mahavir Offset, you get an industry-leading team with the experience, creativity, and resourcefulness to exceed your expectations today, while planning for your needs tomorrow.

Other Products

Our range of products include Manual Application Labels, Printed Filmic Labels, Large Format Paper Labels, Thermal Printing, Promotional Labels and Piggy Back Labels.

Manual Application Labels

We offer innovative solutions like strip gummed labels for cylindrical containers which can effectively cut down cost. Moreover, sheet form labels provide an ideal price to quality ratio for your short quantity needs.

Printed Filmic Labels

Filmic labels are the "Generation Next" trend in the label industry. It is predicted that the requirements of filmic labels will overtake paper needs in the not too distant future.

We have the expertise to print on all types of film substrates like Clear on Clear for cosmetics, clear PP for FMCGs, Synthetic PE for barrel requirements, and other decorative materials like metalized foils. These futuristic labeling ideas are sure to add value to your brand.

Large Format Paper Labels

Hot melt based drum labels are our core specialties. Using the combination of experience, expertise and enterprise we have successfully tackled adhesion problems in HDPE drum labels and have impressed numerous customers by eliminating their supply chain issues.

We are committed to find the optimal solution tailor-made to your specific requirements by using our in-house hot melt gluing facility to provide you with a wide array of choice in the form of adhesives of different coating thickness.

Thermal Printing

We also offer labels suitable for printing on thermal printers like SATO, Zebra etc., both in paper and in filmic medium depending upon your choice. Our core strength is durable filmic labels suitable for car buoys and barrels.

Promotional Labels

Specialty coupon and promotional labels are one of the strengths of our company. If a large amount of matter has to be fitted in a small area, we offer attractive 2-ply labels. Coupon labels are a convenient way to add on instant redeemable coupon or discount to a product without any additional special packaging.

The coupon label is constructed in Two Layers. When the coupon Portion is removed , the bottom layer remains affixed to the packaging.

Piggy Back Labels

Piggy back labels are made from combining two layers of adhesive substrate. The label can be applied to any object as normal, the top layer can be a removable label that can be applied elsewhere,may change the message or marking on the remaining label underneath. These are used extensively in mailers and postcards.


"Now with the further expansion we are moving towards the flexible packaging segment in the name of MAHAVIR MULTIPACK for the manufacturing of Self-Adhesive Labels. Tags & Label Stock"

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